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In addition Oracle Energy Corp holds a 20% interest in the 358 sq km onshore Fiume Arrone Permit, Italy. The first well, Scheduled to be drilled October 2006, will target a gas prospect identified from seismic.


Oracle Energy also holds a 15% interest in an Evaluation Agreement to Promote (EAP) Area X111, located in the province of Maynas, Peru. Area X111 comprises 500,000 hectares within Peru's Maranon basin.
Oracle Energy Corp. is a junior energy company active in the exploration and development of oil and gas projects internationally.


The company holds a 20% interest in six oil and gas fields. Operations are currently underway at one of the fields called Nadlac, where the first gas well has been successfully re-worked. It is scheduled to be hooked up shortly. Initial tests on this well indicated gas and fluid produced at the following rates: 27/64-inch choke: 1,230 mcfd and 23 bcd (barrels of condensate per day) and 15/64-inch choke: 673 mcfd and 10 bcd. Re-work operations on a second well are soon to be underway.

Also at Nadlac, a 70 foot thick oil zone has been identified. Geological data indicates the oil zone is field wide encompassing 860 acres and may contain significant recoverable commercial oil reserves.

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